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“Switch to Brake Engineering best move in 30 years of trading” says MD Francis Jennings

  • Mark Field
  • Feb 14, 2017

TM Factors, Hereford, has seen a considerable surge in business since switching their brake caliper supply to Brake Engineering earlier this year.

Francis Jennings, TM Factors managing director said: “We changed over to Brake Engineering in spring and it was without doubt the easiest changeover of a supplier we have performed in our 30 years of trading.

“The guidance from Brake Engineering has been incredible. From its fantastic technical assistance to its supportive sales service, the company has helped us deliver its Original Aftermarket message effectively to customers in the best possible way.”

TM Factos is one of the largest motor factors in Herefordshire. Supported by its 9000sqft warehouse, a fleet of 20 delivery vans and highly experienced staff, the company prides itself on competitive prices, fast customer service and detailed support across the board.

Jennings added: “Garages trust us to supply quality parts from leading brands, which is only to be expected from a company with our trading history. There are many brake suppliers already in the market and with this number continuing to rise, garages should look to their motor factor to ensure they receive the best products – with Brake Engineering we have the confidence to provide just that.”

TM Factors recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary, hosting a raffle whereby it gave away a prize each working day to celebrate and reward customers for their loyalty over the years.

Brake Engineering contributed to the raffle by donating Bose speakers as one of the prizes, demonstrating its close relationship with the distributor while taking the opportunity to thank customers for their continued support.

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